The Pillow Top and Memory Foam Mattress: A Step in the Right Direction

The world that we live in is a busy one. Oftentimes we are non-stop from the time we wake up in the morning, till the time we go to bed at night, only to wake up and do it again the next day. Despite this though, we still manage to find the time to accessorize our homes with all of the newest and most cutting edge refinements, oftentimes forgetting that in doing so, we are sacrificing the three basic things that we want the most- good food, safety and a good night’s rest. Sleep in particular is something that most people tend to sacrifice. While we all are willing to shell out whatever payment may be necessary for a massive new TV, oftentimes we aren’t willing to make that same investment in a quality mattress. ‘A mattress is a mattress.’ We tell ourselves, as we continue to sleep on the same old, unsupportive, and uncomfortable model that we have used for years…only to wake up the next morning dreading work, and wondering why we are so tired. This is where the pillow top mattress comes in.

It is available through both Serta and Simmons, and is increasing in popularity by the day. It has a multiple layers of cushioning across the top, thus allowing for the body itself to remain firm without compromising comfort. As a function of this design, both the Serta Pillowtop Mattress and the Simmons Pillowtop Mattress offer the best of both worlds in terms of support, and alignment and general comfort. These mattresses are generally available in a full range of sizes ranging from single and twin to California King. Both companies also produce a range of styles, and Serta even has models inspired and designed by Vera Wang.

While we cannot always control all of the elements necessary for happiness and satisfaction in life, what we do have control over is how much sleep we get, and the quality of that sleep. If you are one of the many who are suffering unnecessarily because of it, then perhaps looking into one of these mattresses is a step in the right direction.

Enhance The Comfort With Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The twin memory foam mattress has emerged into the limelight mainly because of the relief it brings to a sore back or limb joints as the case may be. Some have even claimed that the therapeutic-like effects of lying on memory foams have led to increased sleep quality. Some people have been so conscious with their inner physical being that they even wear those detox foot patches while sleeping on memory foams for a fully refreshing sleep hours. Believe it or So what it is with twin memory foam mattresses, anyway? The answer lies on how the memory foam functions with respect to your body contour and weight while you are lying on it.

In a nutshell, the memory foam mattress has been claimed to be useful in relieving sore backs (for those having some back problems) and sore joints. This is probably due to the type of elastic foam used in its construction. The type of foam used in memory foam, usually petroleum based, is polyurethane in most cases. The mattress is then constructed in such a manner where the foam materials are segmented in cells. This makes every single foam cell’s movement independent with each other. This design makes the whole twin memory foam mattress adapt to your body contours from the head down to your toes making the body relaxed and feel some relief in the joints that may have become sore from an activity, injury or ailment.

However though, with the increasing awareness about environmental upkeep, petroleum based products have become the subject of ridicule in some cases. As such, many foam manufacturers have created memory foams with less amount of petroleum or foams with semi-organic or purely organic materials such as latex. Furthermore, there are some manufacturers who also make memory foam mattresses out of synthetic materials. But nonetheless, many people have agreed that the memory foams that produce the desired effects are those that are petroleum-based or have some traces of petroleum ingredients in the materials.

Currently, foam twin mattresses can be found in abundance in display rooms of various furniture stores in the locality and different cities across the country. Because of its immense popularity, many have been inclined to get one or make it the standard mattress for the bed frames that require a twin size mattress. In addition, manufacturers and vendors have already made their presence online making it very convenient to choose and buy the color and design of your choice. Depending on the model, thickness, brand and type of memory foam materials used (organic, petroleum-bases, synthetic) the prices can range from $200 up to $400.

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