Welcome to my world

They say that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. “They” being either Lao-Tzu or Confucius.  Who is credited with saying this is not important to me. What is important is that the quote illustrates my decision to stop procrastinating and finally start blogging on a regular basis.

The time has finally arrived to focus on what is important to ME. How I feel, what I believe, even what I think no matter how crazy those thoughts might be. To continue to learn, to grow, to ‘enlarge my spiritual condition’ which can take many forms and bring many surprises!

What is really important to me?

The Power of Spirit that lives in all of us. Even though I agree that one cannot believe in the Light without believeing in the Dark, I prefer to live as much as possible in what some call ‘the Sunlight of the Spirit’. I have been on this journey of recovery for sixteen years and it’s true for me that the longer I travel, the less I know. But I no longer have to do this alone.

In this and subsequent posts, meet the furry people that matter to me, who have shown me the Power of Unconditional Love:

JETHRO — He has forced me to step up, he is a Force of Nature.



To say that Jethro has taught me much about myself would be an understatement. He is not afraid to show how much he loves his family members, he is not afraid to express his opinions on EVERYTHING, and he is not afraid to try and convince me do things the RIGHT way in a kind and loving manner. All of this is nearly the opposite of how we were taught to interact with the world growing up. One did NOT have opinions, one did NOT speak unless spoken to, and what one thought or felt was dismissed. Especially how one felt, because neither parent was able to cope with their own emotions, much less those of five children. Besides, we would be be stealing THEIR thunder.

Each furry member of my family is a living, breathing, sentient being with a soul. Each one has a different personality and each has taught me different things. Jethro is teaching me about boundaries, about standing up for myself and not being afraid to speak my mind. He is trying to teach me how to speak from the heart. Jethro is also teaching me how to have fun, to not take myself so seriously and knows that this task is not an easy one. But he is a German Shepherd and he will not give up on me even when I sometimes give up on myself.

I am blessed, one of the lucky ones. I am thankful every day that I can be aware of everything around me and sometimes even appreciate it. To be in this world and to walk this path is such a gift from the Universe, even on the days when I want to just pull the covers up over my head and isolate.

Jethro won’t let me do that for long.

Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz

I was given a wonderful gift last night. Ziva slept in the bed with me all night. While that is not a big deal to most, it was HUGE for Ziva.

This is Ziva.

Ziva came to me through an email sent by someone looking to save this girl from certain death in a high kill shelter. I see lots of dogs posted and they all tug at my heart, but when I saw her face ravaged by fear and pain, I had to bring her home. She weighed 48 lbs. and was heartworm positive. It was obvious that she had been well-used as a brood bitch and had never experienced good care much less kindness in quite some time. Ziva was not the first dog that I had rescued, but she was the first dog that came to my home not knowing any love.

When I awoke this morning and felt her still beside me, it brought me to tears. Jethro came in and jumped on the bed; they both started nosing me. My two furbabies knew something was up. I remembered what it was like to be loved only conditionally for much of my life, To never feel as though I deserved anything good and positive. When it was presented to me, I didn’t know how to accept it. I still have trouble with these things and it is mirrored in Ziva. Jethro reminds both of us that everything will be OK, no matter what.

Ziva has been afraid to trust and so have I. It has been a struggle for both of us.

Ziva and Jethro went to the groomers this past weekend. Jethro acted like he was being abandoned but it’s all boy and all drama. Poor little Ziva began to tremble all over. The groomer was so good with her. By the time I returned, they were at least friends. But before Ziva saw me, I could see the hope and the anxiety warring with each other in her kind face. And when she saw me, she gave a cry that tore at my heart ‘You DIDN’T abandon me!’ and threw herself at me. Jethro was much the same. It feels so good to be wanted, even if I am a means of escape.

Once again, I am reminded that we are not alone. In the past, the combination of ego and low self-esteem sent me on many a fruitless chase for acceptance from people who I WANTED to like ME, instead of focusing on those that already did. Now there are people in my life that like me for who I am, warts and all. Four-legged as well as two-legged. Best of all, I am learning to like myself.

Charles Schultz gave us so many examples of how to keep life simple. He was able to express it through his art and to bring laughter and joy to so many. I don’t know what I would have done without his outlook on life while growing up. ‘Peanuts’ was is emotional anchor of sorts for me and I never tire of watching ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ each December.

Happiness IS a warm puppy. And I am finally starting to recognize what that feels like.


I Needed a Small Portable Vaporizer

I always thought that vaporizers were for someone other than me. However, when my doctor told me to quit smoking or face the consequences, I asked him if vaping would be healthier. I have a pretty progressive doctor, and he understands about addiction. He knew that it would be hard for me to quit smoking just because he said it would be good for me to do so. He told me why not check here, and then he wrote a web address down for me. It was for a review site about vaporizers.

He told me that if I was going to switch from smoking to vaping, then I needed to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted.

Storing Valuable Items in a Storage Unit

When my aunt passed away, I was surprised to find out that she had left me a few things I didn’t even know she had owned. She lived a very frugal lifestyle, but it turns out that she had invested a small amount in arts and furs. I know, it is not what I expected either, so I know how odd it is for a frugal person to own these things. The thing is, I had no idea what to do with any of the things she left me, which is why I turned to www.store-friendly.com.sg.

That is the website for Store Friendly, a storage unit facility that has a location not too far from where I live. I did not feel comfortable leaving the items in my own house because the immediate area that I am in is not the best. I was concerned that someone may try to take some of the things because they are rumored to be of some value.

Best Senior Care Services at Home

I am pretty tired right now, but before I go to bed today, I need to figure out something. I need to figure out how I am going to have my mother taken care of going forward. I can’t handle it anymore. It seems likely that I am going to have to hire senior care in Nassau county to take care of her, because it has become too much of a burden on the family.

She is suffering from dementia and so a lot of the basic tasks of life are becoming pretty difficult for her. What is really troubling though, is she often forgets where she is, or what she was doing. It makes it hard for her to even come close to taking care of herself. For the last few months, different members of my family have taken turns looking after her.

It was a decent solution for a time, but as more time passed, it became more and more of a burden on all of us. To the point where we have decided that we can’t go on any longer, and that we need to find another solution to the problem.

I know that some of my other family members are going to be willing to pitch in some money to pay for another solution to the problem. The best solution that I can come up with is to hire some at home senior care to come and help take care of her for a certain period of time every day. I think that would be a big relief on all of us, and even if it costs a good bit of money, it would still be better than the alternative. I wonder if any care like this is covered by health insurance. I kind of doubt it would be.

New Air Conditioning Unit for Cheap

It is really hot in my house right now, and of course that is because we not have functional air conditioning right now. Instead, we have been relying on a lot of fans, and to tell the truth, it is not really cutting it. We need to get a ne central AC unit. We are going to hire someone for AC repair in Essex county NJ pretty soon, because the sooner this job gets started the better.

It is not even summer proper and it is already starting to get pretty hot outside.

My Mom Has a Companion to Help Her

I was worried when my boss told me that I would no longer be able to telecommute. He said that the next phase of our work project would require that I be in the office five days a week for at least eight to ten hours a day, which presented a problem for me at first. My elderly mother lives with me, and I was able to work and provide her care at the same time. I told my friend I may have to quit my job, but she told me to look into a senior companion in Queens first.

I didn’t even think of this, but it was such a great idea. I really did not want to quit my job, because it is the first one I have ever felt so passionate about.

Large Advert Marketing campaign To Usher In New AT&T

I have been to so many Walt Disney World character meals that my children began to think it was regular to see Winnie the Pooh at the breakfast desk! For Mamnoon restaurant on Capitol Hill (1508 Melrose Ave.), artist Tina Randolph created plaster tables that mix East and West, historical and trendy. After a long day at work the temptation is to pull of that restrictive swimsuit and tie and toss it on the bed, drape it over a chair or in any other case dump it someplace the place it may get wrinkled by the following day.

We even shut the loop by using the compost at the Dining Services Backyard at Kentland Farm. Reusable water bottles are offered for purchase at a nominal value, and when used within the eating centers, obtain free water or a reduction on fountain drinks. Within the coming years, the hope is that this program will expand to other units on campus. Given under are Recommendations on Good Feng Shui for Dining Room for good well being and abundance. Eating Room Place: Preferrred positions for the eating room are east, south-east, west and north-west of the middle of your private home. Avoid a eating room that is north-east from the center of the home. It is best to have two doorways in the room facilitating the free circulate of Chi but not on reverse partitions and directly according to each other. The dining room ought to ideally be a relaxed and peaceful place. Earthy and Natural Colours are finest suited for this room. Keep away from sharp-angled furnishings within the dining room.

If you would like to make only two dough balls you only need to make 2/50 of the recipe, so that will come out to a proportion of 4%. You’ll wish to multiply all elements by 4% to regulate the quantities to make two dough balls. Your desk wants to permit for the variety of diners you want to seat comfortably and still go away enough room for to stroll around it. The width of your table should be at least 36 inches broad so there is ample area for place settings as well as meals. There aren’t any guidelines, just concepts which have worked.

A few of my buddies lived in homes with formal dining rooms, however they rarely ate in them. Delicious meals like baked rooster, fresh string beans, and corn had been the standard fare. The modern eat in kitchens of the day sported a eating set called a dinette , original like the eating sets of informal eating places. Then a pattern toward crimson and white dinettes occured , and I fell in love with red and white kitchens, tubular steele chrome lined chairs and tables. The desk tops had been formica, and most chairs were in soft naugahyde or a shiny materials known as cracked ice. My wife and I inherited one of those dinnette tables from my aunt in North LA several years ago. He informed me that it had been produced between 1895 and 1905 and that no tables prefer it had ever been made again – and that it was value a median of $420. I just adore the fifties kitchen furnishings.

If you’ve been to Racha and Wassef Haroun’s Middle Jap restaurant on Capitol Hill, you could have absolutely noticed the colorful communal tables up entrance, across from the bread-baking kitchen. The tables are the work of Capitol Hill artist Tina Randolph, who focuses on architectural finishes using vintage patterns and timeworn colors. Originally one thing of a standing image again after they have been originally introduced, the wood valet chair with swimsuit hanger is now seen as a helpful piece of furnishings for any nicely dressed man. dining room furniture

Most (please word the phrase most, not all) innovation in the handset industry appears to return from Finland, Japan & Korea, not America. The FCC chairman that after worked because the AT & T CEO might have a couple ideas of his own but I wouldn’t depend on them being stringless. With an average test of $5.83 per individual, a visit to El Pollo Loco is costlier than eating at a McDonald’s Corp (MCD.N) or a Wendy’s Co (WEN.) outlet, however is cheaper than going to a Chipotle restaurant or ordering a Subway sandwich. El Pollo Loco raised $107.1 million after its offering of seven.1 million shares was priced at $15 each, the higher finish of the range. Fewer purely-recreational players can compete properly the upper up you go, however nonetheless some can and do.

His is usually a supply operation; he delivers to company clients in the metropolis and numerous tech companies within the South Bay, with a $one hundred twenty minimal. He also does on-website events, occasions and workshops, the place he uses sushi as a car for Jewish education. Dumpster eating is the act of searching for meals within the trash in an effort to attenuate waste. Beware of Hubert Duke with a uk e mail – HE emails & HE is a SCAM !!

One of the items up on the market is a chair from the dining room of the “Titanic” set. Yahoo added auctions to its portal website final 12 months, and simply final week, eBay and America Online signed a 4-year, $75 million pact that will place eBay auctions across AOL’s Internet sites and proprietary services. Yeah, I tried to set up Wi-Fi to attach my wife’s Win2K machine (within the eating room) to a Linksys WAP-11 (in the lounge, about 30 feet away). A number of thousand students graduate yearly from movie programs, which keeps the worth of their services low.

Coloration them in on your computer utilizing any paintshop program then print them out and use them as posters to embellish the room. Saw these ideas on the internet and wished I’d seen them earlier than my son’s social gathering as a result of I’d definitely have carried out them. Just look at these fabulous Mario & Luigi social gathering lollipop favors!!

Bargains Rare In Dot

Your mattress must be a location where you unwind-not where you go through back pain when prone or waking up. For back-pain patients, discovering the right bedding that accommodates their sore back is crucial to relieving a portion of the ache that will occur while you were sleeping (or trying to rest). The creators of bed start up Casper want to improve the way New Yorkers sleeping.

Learn more about the bedding manufacturers that are offered in your town by examining with alternative party agencies that fee beds, including Customer Stories or The Better Sleep Council. Nonetheless, be sure to are planning regarding the bed in its primary issue, and not over the last weeks when you realized that it needed changed. Another mattress with less springs might have thicker springs that actually lead to more convenience while it might have plenty of springs. The upholstery’s caliber can also perform a large part in regards to comfort, specially when a brand offers a cushion- top bed. This can assist you to find out which stiffness levelAs well as the individual who could be spreading the mattress choose. If you should be happy with your mattress firmness that is current, choose that. Make sure in the event that you’ll be expressing it, to set to the mattress within your standard resting place along with your companion. Element of the mattress in the price. Consider polyurethane foam.

Warranties frequently include one to five decades, giving you of just how long the mattress cover is likely to last a sign. Learn if it can be cleaned at all, or how the mattress pad is to be washed. Suggests that recollection and latex-foam mattress pads cannot be cleaned, feather patches can be cleaned that is steam or dry, plus some shields could even be machine washed. Check out all of the accessories each mattress pad presents. Contemplate bed pads which can be relationship-resistant, have water- homes and control temperature naturally. Heated Electronic bed pads make sleeping in cooler temperatures heavenly. The best mattress pad that is heated features a “energy inverter” that modifications the current to DC, that is safer compared to AC current that is frequent. This pad is not the type you’ll be able to merely put-on the top of mattress. It is a proper mattress pad with ends that are variable that suit around your mattress. I enjoy our pad that is heated.

But the main one website was reached by you that’s it every last little data, all you’ll have to determine whether a specific model of a airbed is appropriate for you. It scored 49 out of 50 in my own Overall Quality Standing, which will be as near to a Whammy (50/50) any bedding I previously examined got. I have been performing these reviews for a long time and I learn quality when I view it. And I am seeing it within this airbed – deflation percent of people reporting oxygen leaks, balance, comfort, focus on particulars and excellent products. That I had to think the purchase price and if somebody only showed the operator critiques and also me the merchandise, I’d do not have guessed under $200. Include numerous items of info into your decision. Both mattress attributes are marked for effortless identification.

Spring Air and Stearns & Foster, coming in at 9 and 10 about the listing. It seems as 72% of the who spent at the very least 10 minutes (for instance, lying down on each facet, back, and stomach) were hugely pleased with their mattress purchase compared with 62% who did not. The Initial Mattress Factory was observed as the top-placed owner for both support and selection. Usually the one caveat that also Consumer Reviews cannot remedy, however, is cost. Oh, and something more fable to destroy that Customer Reviews features: the top bed may be the one that’s many relaxed for you. If so, we assume you will adore ‘s zero-danger foam beds.