I Might Move Down to Texas

I have been contemplating an option that the company has given me to relocate to a little town South of Houston and quite close to the Gulf Coast. I probably like that up to a point, at least the part where you have salt water fishing and girls in bikinis on the beaches of South Padre Island. Of course the weather down there is quite relentlessly hot from what I understand. The heat is unbearable much of the year and you have hurricanes and tornadoes as well. I have been looking at this website and trying to get a gauge on what the cost of living is going to be down there. That is a big factor in this decision. I am living very frugally at this moment and that has allowed me to save a substantial amount of money which I had planned to use to build a house on a piece of land my grandfather left me in his will. That web page only tells you what the rates are for the various electricity providers you can get in any given area. I am thinking that I need to figure out exactly what it will cost me to find a good place to live, something quite near the place that I shall be working in fact. It seems that this place is surrounded by a good bit of rural area, apparently it used to be a big rice farming area. That is fine with me, in fact I might try to find a place where I could eventually get a horse. When I was a boy my grandfather kept a pony on his land for me. He had an American Saddlebred that he would ride in foxtrotting competitions at the local horse shows. I would not mind getting back into that.