Best Senior Care Services at Home

I am pretty tired right now, but before I go to bed today, I need to figure out something. I need to figure out how I am going to have my mother taken care of going forward. I can’t handle it anymore. It seems likely that I am going to have to hire senior care in Nassau county to take care of her, because it has become too much of a burden on the family.

She is suffering from dementia and so a lot of the basic tasks of life are becoming pretty difficult for her. What is really troubling though, is she often forgets where she is, or what she was doing. It makes it hard for her to even come close to taking care of herself. For the last few months, different members of my family have taken turns looking after her.

It was a decent solution for a time, but as more time passed, it became more and more of a burden on all of us. To the point where we have decided that we can’t go on any longer, and that we need to find another solution to the problem.

I know that some of my other family members are going to be willing to pitch in some money to pay for another solution to the problem. The best solution that I can come up with is to hire some at home senior care to come and help take care of her for a certain period of time every day. I think that would be a big relief on all of us, and even if it costs a good bit of money, it would still be better than the alternative. I wonder if any care like this is covered by health insurance. I kind of doubt it would be.