Welcome to our site on weightlifting and nutrition. Here, we’ll focus mainly on the gear you can use in order to become a better athlete, faster.

Most of the content throughout the website will most likely be written by me, but in some cases others will pitch in to help.

Here’s a little bit about me as an athlete:

  • My background as an athlete is primarily with barbell lifts and the CrossFit training program by Greg Glassman.
  • My favorite exercises with equipment are barbell, kettle bell swings, pull ups, and burpees.
  • I try to eat as healthy as possible and in my mind I view “healthy eating” as Paleo. And so most of the foods I eat revolve around that concept of nutrition.

So, if you’re looking to get stronger, eat healthier, and change your life I hope the information and discussions that you find here are helpful.

Once again, welcome! If you want to tell me a little bit about yourself as an athlete, feel free to do so.

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